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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Our Maintenance Plan

As I mentioned in the previous post, I am sharing our maintenance schedule today.

We searched many blogs and articles, and decided to use the framework from Jennifer at Their maintenance agreement was one that we felt we could redesign to be our own.

We both read through the original and made and compared notes, then had discussions.  This is our version of Maintenance:

Maintenance spankings, as discussed below, will be 15 + swats with the hand on the bare bottom. Sir has complete choice of how many.

Maintenance Session are weekly meetings where we come together to discuss how well i have been obedient to Sir.  During this time,  i will receive Maintenance at the beginning, after confession/discussion and at the end of the Session. The Maintenance Session will follow this order.

1. Sir will inform me that it is time for maintenance.

2. Upon entering the room i will get the anal plugs and lubricant, and disrobe without instruction and will remain nude throughout the Session. If Sir is not in the room with me, I am to sit quietly and reflect on the week, praying, and preparing my heart and mind for the coming session. If Sir is already in the room, i am to assume position to be spanked without being told, unless Sir wishes a specific position for me.

3. As soon as He is ready, Sir will administer the first Maintenance spanking. The purpose of starting the meeting with a spanking is to remind me that while the Maintenance Session allows me to ask questions of Sir, i must maintain respect in my tone and attitude.   It also helps to reaffirm our roles and remind me that although i desire maintenance, Sir is in control.

4. i will express my thankfulness for Sir taking the responsibility to lead me and to encourage me to be a better person, and to remind Him i want and need a Dd lifestyle. i will also recommit to obeying Sir as a submissive, tih wife who follows His lead and is punished in a manner He sees fit.

Sir may respond by recommitting to being my Master/HOH/leader/disciplinarian and diligently holding me accountable to the  rules found in our contract.

4. Sir will instruct me to kneel down in front of Him and review my DDiary for any confessions for which i have not received punishment. We will then discuss these confessions, any concerns, clarifications, or topics chosen by either us.

5. Sir will administer any punishments necessary, regarding confessions.  If no such punishments are needed, He will administer another Maintenance spanking to prepare my thoughts for self-reflection.

6. Sir will give me some self-reflection time where I am to first of all, pray, committing myself to God and to being a helpmeet to Sir, seeking how to best help Him be who God wants Him to be.  i am then to bring myself to a place of sexual excitement and a state of submission to Sir, mentally.  If i need help, i may ask to read blogs that would help attain this goal.

7. Sir will return to the room after a period of time of His choosing, usually 15-30 minutes. Upon Sir's return, i will kneel in front of Him,   presenting myself to Him, as a rule and a sign of giving myself to Him, accepting of being Sir's in every way.  At this point, i will verbalize that I am Sir's wife, friend, lover, tih, toy, pet, and slave to be used to meet the desires and needs of Sir.

8. After this affirmation, a final maintenance will be given and Sir will freely use me at His choosing.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Back On Track

Wow!  I have been away for some time.  Since my last post, I have had a major medical problem, and after a year and a half, I feel about 75% back to the old me.

Our family has also gone through many changes, with moving to another town and house, deaths, family moving in, kids and family moving out, graduations, renovations, and in general, life.

Gud and I have gotten to a place that we both feel like it is time to put all of the stress and changes behind us.  And speaking of"behinds," look ahead at keeping mine a pretty shade of Rosey cheek red.

In previous posts, you will see that I send a DDiary to Gud.  This has continued through the past couple of years, with a few months here and there on hiatus.  Since my illness, we have discussed and tried to get back to our DD lifestyle a few times.  Last year, he  had me come up with a list of things I would like to work on, and a list of consequences, considering my pain tolerance was pretty much destroyed. We agreed on the list and tried a restart. That lasted for a couple of months, but sort of fell by the wayside.

Forward to this year.  As I have continued to send Ddiaries, sometimes, I would forget.  A couple of weeks ago, I sent my diary and realized it had been two weeks, which according to our schedule, that could have been 5 Ddiaries I had missed.  I had the urge to tell him.  We really had not been practicing ttwd, but I still felt I needed to come clean.

One afternoon, a few days later, we found ourselves in a rare occasion of being alone, and Gud told me he wanted to "play.". As we were settling into a "good girl" spanking, I remembered the ddiary incident.  I was in position for a spanking and blurted out that he may "owe me a real spanking." He asked why, and I told him.  His comment, "Well that changes things." He told me I was going to be punished.  I was given a punishment spanking, and afterwards, everything just felt like it was back in balance, and he also felt it was a good thing.

Since then, we have read and discussed many blogs.  The discussion has been awesome.  We decided, for the first time in our five year Dd marriage, we needed to review and form a contract, of sorts.  Our first order of business was a maintenance scedule.  We found one that looked like it would work best for our situation and personalities than others, and have started weekly date nights, in which have conversed and come up with our own maintenance plan.

We have agreed that we would do maintenance once a week.  Yesterday was our first chance to actually carry on with the plan.  There were some bumps along the way, but all in all, it went well.  Gud did a great job of reminding me that I am his, that he is still my HOH, disciplinarian, and leader.  We are very hopeful that from here on out, we have found the beginning of our new norm.

In my next post, I will share our maintenance plan and more about our first session.

See y'all back here, soon.