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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Protected and Cherished

Do you feel protected by your HoH?  Since being in this relationship, I have felt more cherished, loved and protected, than I have ever felt in my life.  That was reaffirmed yesterday, more than ever.  My father has been sick, and in the midst of all of this, I found out we were being taken advantage of, by my brother.

My brother has a habit of being quite violent with his words and with his actions, and I have often been the recipient of his tirade.  In my past marriages, my husbands would not really deal with my brother when he was angry with me.  I have been cursed, yelled at, threatened, and even had a jar of pickles thrown on me, all with whichever husband I happened to be married to at the time, sitting right next to me, with never a word spoken in my defense.  Every time, the anger has been over my calling him on his horrible behavior.  As long as my brother has been born, he has found ways to let me know that he hates me.... many times by just saying, "I hate you, I wish you weren't alive."  I love my brother, no matter how he feels about me or how poor his behavior.  He has always taken advantage of that love and of my generosity.  He refuses to work and as a direct quote from him, "because nobody is going to tell me what to do!"  He is an alcoholic, he is abusive, he will steal, he cheats, and "has a heart of gold" for anyone other than his family!

When I took action to assure he could no longer take advantage of this particular situation, let's just say, he was ready to fight, literally, and kept calling to talk to me.  My wonderful, amazing husband, that GudOne, would not allow it.  He protected me from the outrage, from the "cussing," and really tried hard to keep me from stressing.  I would like to say that it is just part of a good marriage, but I think it goes deeper than that.  This is a man who really leads his family, a man who is in control, and a man who does everything in his power to protect what is his.  I AM HIS!  I love that!  I have never known what it was to feel protected by a man.  I have never known love this deep.  I have never felt that I was precious to my husband, until I became Gud's wife.

Is that because of the DD?  Is it because he is a wonderful, godly husband and leader?  Is it because I am his?  I think, perhaps, it is a little of all of these, but most of all, I think it is because I belong to the GudOne, and I am thanking God for making him the man he is!


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  2. I am so Happy to read this post. I think it is all of those combined also. There is nothing like feeling cherished & loved and I am so glad you feel that with Gud!!!